New Courses

The DIREKT project has influenced the development  of new educational programs. According to this  were prepared disciplins «Electronic Libraries Databases for your research ( 3nd year, Fall semster) and Critically analyzing information resources (2nd year, Fall semester)  for students of  specialty “5B091000 -Librarienship” and included in basic educational plan for 2017/2018 academic year  ( Teachers : Asanova B.S.,  Tuenbayeva K.). This courses help students:  
-to create electronic resources types which are differ from traditional documents;
-to create e-library and assess an opportunity of performing 
-to organize work in a library activity by using information technology
-to practice in contemporary computer technology tools;
 - to prepare  e-library structure;

Critical analysis of information resources

Электронды кітапханалар және зерттеулердің мәліметтер базасы

Ақпараттық ресурстар мен қажеттіліктер

Innovative online library services for 21st Century Librarians

Electronic libraries and data base of researches